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2012 Gamification Summit part 3

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The 3rd and final instalment of my GSummit notes is below: Jrfan Kamal - Big brands and gamification winning the marathon Jrfan was raised a few good points. The points that struck home were the need to: -       Reward players a lot in the early game (especially in the first 10 mins) -       Build games so late comers were not penalized and could contribute -       Find ways to reward non gamers so they were more likely to participate He also talked about the 3 needs of a brand See results happening fast – brands aren’t patient! Value (measurable) Fun & results Other points mentioned: -       Points & leader-boards added ...

2012 Gamificiation Summit – Part 2

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Heres Part 2 of the main takeaways of the Gsummit - Enjoy! Seth Cooper – University of Washington For someone who’s done some intensely cool stuff, Seth Cooper has a remarkable humility. When presenting, I’ve long told the story as an illustration of social media’s potential, so hearing Seth speak in person (and later having a 1-on-1 chat) was a personal highlight. For those that don’t know, uses game mechanics to solve scientific problems, ie folding proteins. They drew global attention when their crowd-sourced gaming model was able to solve a decade old problem in 3 weeks. Some of the most ...

2012 Gamification Summit summary – Part 1

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The GSummit in San Fran was legendary… there’s no doubt its geek central but they’re my geeks and I loved it. The event went for 2 days and it’s a must attend for anyone that’s fascinated by human behaviour. The presenters were brilliant, the content inspiring and the people at the conference were completely sensational. As usual, I took heaps of notes and have pulled together a quick summary of some of the sessions and included links to the original presentations. Krishnan Saranathan – Reinventing loyalty Krishnan works with Uniteds loyalty program. His presentation was pretty good and he ...