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The 3 Functions of Social Media for ROI (Part II)

August 25, 2013  |   Blog   |     |   2 Comments

Innovate [caption id="attachment_693" align="alignright" width="180"] Understanding the 3 uses of social media enables organisations to outline a strategic development path and determine their objectives[/caption] Innovation is all about the capturing ideas of value from the community, and nurturing them through the organization to their eventual commercial realization. Whilst some ideas present themselves as unique business opportunities, many are initially wrapped in deep, frustrated emotions that come with nonsensical rules or unmet expectations. When confronted with such ...

The 3 Functions of Social Media for ROI (Part I)

August 10, 2013  |   Blog   |     |   Comments Off on The 3 Functions of Social Media for ROI (Part I)

The 3 prime functions of social media Discussions on measuring the value of a social media presence are often greeted by deflective statements or blank stares. Most companies struggle to make sense of social media let alone understand how to assign value to the activity that could in some way relate to a business objective. However if you understand that ALL social media boils down to one or a combination of three prime functions, deciphering activity, setting objectives and measuring value becomes easier. It doesn’t matter if you are connecting customers, employees or partners, it all about: - Informing - Innovating - Executing