About Scott Ward

As the Founder and CEO of Digital Infusions, Scott Ward is considered a leader in the areas of innovation and digital transformation.

Specializing in the use of emerging technologies to expedite business strategy, Scott draws from a unique blend of experience in business, technology and human behaviour.

His success is in large part thanks to the anchoring belief that despite the rapid explosion of technology, “going digital” remains a human process.

Scott’s “human-led” approach starts by developing a crisp, clean awareness of the outcomes and activities that matter most to the business and its people; this insight gives context to the specific behaviours that underpin success. These behaviours are then used to form the foundation of a strategy, that is scaled and amplified using emerging technology.

Scott has designed several industry leading frameworks and approaches, to assist consolidate and expedite how organizations approach digital strategy and change – many of which are now used by some of the worlds leading brands.

With clients across Australia and North America, Scott works across sectors such as: Finance; Government; Technology; Telecommunications; Construction; Health; Professional Services; & Retail to name a few.

Aside from leading Digital Infusions, Scott is also a current recipient of Microsofts’ Most Valuable Professional Award (MVP); sits as an advisor to CSIROs ON incubator program; is a founding industry member of the University of Sydney’s Digital & Disruption Research Group (DDRG); and is looking forward to becoming a first-time father sometime in 2017.


What they said:

Since open innovation and social media have grown in adoption there has been a commensurate growth in experts. I wanted to take a quick pulse on some of the more prominent or better pieces of work out there. Here are three:

  1. 1. Scott Ward…
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Stephen Danelutti, Yammer, UK

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