Announcing the birth of the worlds newest country!

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What new country is bigger than Macedonia, Slovenia and Latvia? Bigger than Estonia, Mauritius and Kosovo?


Ok so Walmart may not be a country but with 2.1 million employees, it might as well be.

This is what makes Workplaces (by Facebook) announcement that Wallmart is rolling out their platform across all 2.1 million employees, so extra ordinary.

2.1 million … Just think about that.

Its a lot in any language but when you compare it to the populations of many of the world countries the enormity really strikes.

Running a Enterprise Social network the size of a country will be an inspiring prospect.

This connectivity will fuel new ways of working, new practises and new insights that will all undoubtedly add to the health of Walmarts bottom line, along with the humanity of their culture.

The challenges they face will also be unique. We’ve rolled-out numerous large scale social implementations across countless organisations, some of which have numbered in the tens of thousands, but even for us 2.1 million is large.

The precise nature of the value it will generate will be fascinating to watch. Connections will be made and relationships formed, that will span numerous functions and geographies.

From our experience whilst benefits will be felt across the entire business, a majority of the benefits will be awarded to the day to day staff that fill their stores. Pains around things like rostering are likely to be obliterated as they shift into Workplace; connecting with experts to get the latest product knowledge will be expedited; and numerous phone calls to various stores tracking down what stock is where can now be reduced to a single, well placed, post.

Connectivity creates value, but it has to be rolled out well.

In our experience, the trick to rolling out something like this is taking a multi-faceted approach.

Whilst many can find their own way, to expedite business value capabilities and activities need to be developed at atleast four levels of the organisation:

  1. 1. Senior leaders
  2. 2. Managers/communications team
  3. 3. Champions
  4. 4. Frontline staff

Scaling knowledge like this is tough, which is exactly the reason we spent eight years experimenting and researching best practise approaches, to form the BITIL™ Framework – it provides a repeatable approach that can scale.

Communities rarely start as high performers, they snowball into excellence. BITIL™ provides businesses with a common filter and language to view their community, see what’s missing, define next steps and take collective action toward a more cohesive and profitable future.

Snowballing the capability of 2.1 million people is an exciting challenge. Its something that can only be done using a common filter and framework, something like BITIL™.

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CEO Digital Infusions

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