At the centre of Digital Infusions methodology is a best practice framework in the management of social media communities called BITIL™.

BITIL™ brings simplicity, structure and focus to social media undertakings that can be used to measure and assess the activity and quality of communities; build strategies and drive community engagement toward specific business objectives.

Built from years of experience, experimentation and research the BITIL™ Framework is founded on the five key elements and over two-hundred and seventy sub-indicators common to high performing social media communities. The five major elements are:

Brokerage – Integration – Trust – Incentives – Leadership.

Whether you are building or running communities BITIL™ provides structured insights into the health of your community and the way forward from here.

Because BITIL™ is built on the components that are common to  high functioning communities it provides valuable insight to both customer and employee communities on micro-blogging platforms such as Facebook, Yammer, Twitter, Jam etc.