BITIL™ 360

“After a very successful first year with our Facebook page, the BITIL 360 assessment was worthwhile to analyse what we did well, and also where we needed to alter or improve our Facebook strategy to achieve our business objectives.”

– Audi Australia

BITIL™ 360 analyzes existing activities and compares them with the behaviours and components commonly found in high performing social media communities. This profiling offers clients a measurable benchmark on the health of their community, information on how its serving the companies objectives as well as setting a strategic agenda for future improvement.


The  BITIL™ 360 assessment is unique and provides in-depth intelligence on both customer-facing platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as well as employee platforms such as Yammer, Jam etc.

The BITIL™ 360 assists companies to:

  • • Periodically review and measure the active heath of key communities
  • • Objectively identify areas for improvement and increased effectiveness
  • • Highlight potential risks that may jeopardize the realization of community and business objectives
  • • Devise strategies to target key elements in their communities and to identify best practice from the beginning of their engagement

The BITIL™ 360 is designed to bring simplicity, structure and focus to managing your managing social media community.

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