What is BITIL™?

“As a strategic framework, BITIL is not only simple to follow, it is thorough and effective in its approach. In essence, it gives organisations the building blocks to plan and execute on social media activity…”

-Datacom Australia

At the centre of Digital Infusions methodology is a best practice framework in the management of social media communities called BITIL™.

BITIL™ brings simplicity, structure and focus to social media undertakings that can be used to measure and assess the activity and quality of communities; build strategies and drive community engagement toward specific business objectives.

Built from years of experience, experimentation and research the BITIL™ Framework is founded on the five key elements and over two-hundred and seventy sub-indicators common to high performing social media communities. These five areas are:

Brokerage – Integration – Trust – Incentives – Leadership.

BITIL™ provides insights into the health of both customer and employee micro-blogging communities.

1. Brokerage

Brokerage refers to the communication pathways that provide the foundation of exchange on which communities are built. The brokering of connectivity is the active facilitation and building of relationships between members of the community over time.

2. Integration

Integration is the purposeful introduction of technology into the flows of everyday life. Interestingly amongst the BITIL™ elements, integration is the only element that places infers a prerequisite for technology.

3. Trust

Trust extends beyond Leadership and must be present through the community at large to achieve success. Over 90% of a community watch from the sidelines and will never post a comment, 9% will only ever respond to someone else’s comment and a mere 1% will actually post unique content.

Building trust encourages people to move from the 90% into the 9% and the 9% into the 1%.

4. Incentives

Incentives are the glue of community action and the triggers that direct ongoing engagement toward targeted behaviours.

Incentives come in two forms, formal and informal:

Informal incentives are by far the most powerful form of incentive and comprise of the intangible aspects that appeal to our human side such as status, recognition or even curiosity.

Formal incentives are comprised of physical rewards and whilst important are not as effective as their informal cousins.

5. Leadership

The roll of Leadership is to visibly champion and progress the purpose and vision of the community. Leading by example toward a defined objective is a critical component of a healthy community as it keeps the community on track and reinforces the underlying culture.