Struggling with social media?

If you’re at all sceptical about the value of using social media for your business, your business instincts are working fine. The urban mythology about social media is way off the mark. The myths are outrageously misleading. You’d think that “social media” was a synonym for “making money in business without trying” from all the hype.

Let’s clarify:

  • Lack of performance of social media business is usually due to low standards of service delivery and poor objective setting.

Businesses are getting their new Facebook page, and wondering why they’re not instantly selling billions of units. It’s usually because they get the platform, but not the packaging and internal and external delivery systems required to go with it and make it functional in the market.

Nor do they get the sort of expert help they need to set up good social media platforms.  To do business social media properly, you need a lot more than followers.

  • Business social media works very well when it’s done properly and its role and functions are properly understood in context with business operations and needs.

Social media is a tool for business. It’s a very good tool, but you need to know how to use it effectively. You need working methodologies, clear visions of a working business operation, and above all realistic understanding of the operational levels of social media.

The reality of good business social media is very different from the myths:

  • * Social media options must be designed to perform for the specific business. There is no One Size Fits All Option. You need social media options that work for your business.
  • * Business social media is a business management operation. Another misconception is that business social media is some sort of “add-on” to normal business. Wrong… so wrong. Typically, business social media is managed by the C Suite executive level as part of a coordinated business strategy. It’s not “an IT thing”, or “a sales thing”. It’s best managed by the cross functional managers, because social media is your real-time business image to the world.
  • * The business model must have the internal ability to capitalize upon and use the new dynamics. Using social media for CRM, for example, requires a good working internal management system, by definition. You don’t have a sales team without a Sales Manager, a sales team and your accounts operations.  Social media needs to be tailored in to your business structure the same way.
  • * Social media is very high value delivery platform with a potential for massive delivery in sales and revenue. Social media should therefore be considered as part of a business model. The good news here is that structuring for social media is both easy and very cost-effective. Social media creates business opportunities across the board without big outlays or risks to bottom line performance.
  • * Social media can cut costs dramatically, if managed properly. “Social” also means internal and external access to clients, stakeholders and customers at a fraction of the cost of old style operations.  It’s no overstatement to say that millions can be saved on a range of core business operations, simply by having the right mix of social media.
  • * The overwhelming advantage of social media is that it provides a huge range of options for delivering product, managing sales and CRM. It also provides massive savings and vastly increased options for crucial areas of business operations like training, HR, OHS and even performance management.
  • * Social media allows your business to exercise its real strengths in the marketplace. There is literally no limit to the range of business options which can be developed in this very flexible, highly innovative range of media. You really can create a top quality market presence, add value, lower your operating costs, and improve your competitive position.
  • * Social media is ideal for both the real innovators and the real business hardheads. All real business expert managers know that success is a result of creating the best mix of ideas and practical business common sense. Social media can be used as both a driver of business initiatives and a great working business asset for the business itself.
  • * Forget the myths. Focus on clear needs for business development, particularly in the areas of sales, costs, administrative realities and growth, and social media will deliver.

Social media is now the working machinery of business at all levels, internal and external. Talk to us about what you need. We’ll get it up and running for you.

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