Digital Infusions partners with select organisations to ensure our customers receive the best and most relevant solutions to meet their corporate needs. Our partners are all industry leaders with a proven commitment to ongoing innovation and customer centricity.

Digital infusions is proud to partner with the following organisations:

Used by over three million users and 80% of the Fortune 500 companies Yammer is the industry leader in Enterprise Social Networking. The Yammer platform is highly versatile with the capacity to integrate to numerous existing enterprise platforms & services such as Active Directory, SharePoint, SAP and Salesforce. Yammer integration can also occur with products such Spigot, Badgeville and Zendesk, making Yammer the ideal platform to launch ongoing business initiatives aimed to build lasting commercial advantage.

By partnering with Yammer, Digital Infusions combines its deep knowledge of social media and corporate savvy with a world class platform to bring powerful, ongoing benefits to your company.

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