Enterprise Social Networking

The Social Business Accelerator

The Social Business Accelerator (SBA) is an all-in-one program designed to fast track your organisations adoption of Enterprise Social; boosting profit, revenue and employee engagement.

Built on years of experience and research the Social Business Accelerator (SBA) combines deep expertise in innovation, social technologies and user engagement to embed, then amplify core behaviours into daily business.

The SBA uses proprietary, industry leading, frameworks to provide organisations with the building blocks required to scale behavioural alignment, toward targeted business outcomes.

Educated users are critical to achieving success; to achieve this the SBA targets five main user groups:

1. Project launch team

2. Senior leaders

3. Communications and team managers (Gamified Strategy)

4. Social Champions

5. End users

While usually delivered as part of a broader program of works, sessions can occur in standalone format (duration times can also be tailored).

 What our clients say:

“The change in our organization has been tectonic – we’re talking whole plates shifting! We used to be the original cream-cardigan wearers (conservative organization) but all that has been turned upside down” 

 “As a strategic framework, BITIL is not only simple to follow, it is thorough and affective in its approach. In essence, it gives organisations the building blocks to plan and execute on social media activity and most importantly to track success

“(Loved) honing in on articulating value – changing our mindset away from being “I can do this…” “we are…” to a focus on value, benefits and solving problems”

“Changed the way I thought about social media and how to use it”