Prelaunch Workshop

1. Prelaunch Workshop (3 hours)

Participants: Communications, IT, HR, L&D and Service/product line

Launching an enterprise social network requires tight collaboration between a variety of important stakeholders; each contributing their own unique expertise toward developing momentum. To do this successfully the launch team requires a common understanding of the roles and responsibilities each stakeholder group are expected to play.

The Prelaunch Workshop brings together these key stakeholder groups, outlines their roles and kick-starts the planning process –ensuring everyone is coordinated from day one.

  • Designed to give organisations new to enterprise social, the knowledge and components required to plan and execute their launch. This session covers:
    • Strategic value of enterprise social
    • The three horizons of social maturity
    • The roadmap to launch
    • Start-up cycle (SNEP Model)
    • The requirements for success, including:
      • Stakeholder roles (IT, Communications, HR, Community management)
      • Leadership involvement
      • Governance development
      • Education requirements
      • Integration planning
    • Project and engagement planning

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