Strategy & Consulting

Strategy & Consulting


Whether your company is socially advanced or starting from scratch, our Strategy & Consulting services will assist your teams to plan, structure and implement social business initiatives.

Our Strategy and Consulting services cover:

  1. 1. Strategy & planning,
  2. 2. Adoption & Transformation,
  3. 3. Innovation & collaboration
  4. 4. Gamification.

I. Strategy & planning:

The Digital Infusions team brings with it experience, insight and a fresh perspective based from working with a wide variety of industry sectors.

We can assist the development of social business to contribute to the overall strategic direction and business plans of your organization.

We can help your organization develop a planning process that identifies those key opportunities, themes and resources that are required to make your social business highly targeted and productive.

II.Adoption & Transformation

The rapid spread and increasing value of social media for businesses, means that developing an in-house capability is critical to being able to compete and thrive.

We work closely with companies to actively develop their Social Business capabilities; manage transformation programs and engage key audiences (such as customers, employees or affinity partners) to bring them into the program.

Having an external source of assistance greatly facilitates the thinking, planning and guiding of teams to develop a program that meets key business objectives and builds enthusiasm and speeds innovation.

III. Innovation & collaboration

In its simplest form Social business is about collaboration that results in innovation.

Harnessing and responding to the collective intelligence, involvement, and enthusiasm, of your staff, suppliers, partners and customers, can not only offer a significant commercial advantage but can also assist to help ensure your company’s relevance and profitability in the future.  In a sense this is future-proofing your company’s legacy.

As with any strategic capability, innovation is a skill that requires development and attention if it is to be harnessed and regularly used to retain and build business.

IV. Gamification:

Executing in a digital landscape is an art form that blends technology with influence and engagement; gamification is the mastery of this blend.

Gamification provides companies the glue that binds existing technologies and to orientate online behavior toward a desired outcome.

Gamification is a powerful strategic tool that,can assist,engage, and amplify the key behaviors of both employees and customers alike to lead to innovation and profitability.