The top 10 posts on Facebook in September

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September 2012 Facebook top 10

It is always exciting to hear about success stories as it usually is an opportunity to learn about things that work. The top 10 Facebook posts – those which got the most likes in September – have now been around, what is there to learn from them?

Really, only 2 of those shine above the crowd: number 5 and 6 reach engagements levels of 8% and 15% respectively and that is what you would expect from great content.

The rest of it, well, they hover between 0.5% and 3% of engagement: that is the number of likes (that got them in the top 10) divided by the number of fans for the page. Granted, it is a great achievement to build a community of followers in the millions, but I would argue that what demonstrates the quality of a post is the level of engagement it generates. Like my mum: when she gets 2 likes out of her 15 Facebook friends (13%), she does a better job…

Back to content: number 5 is about a TV presenter who has to go through surgery and number 6 about a movie actor who unfortunately passed away. And what else did we have in the other winners? Remembrance about the twin towers, American coffee, American cartoon, another famous guy in his hospital bed, luxury products and lastly something quite funny about American football…

Bottom line, what can we learn?

  1. Celebrities boost content performance
  2. Strong human emotions generate strong engagement
  3. Oh, and also: America is still the center of the world

Nothing we didn’t already know, really… waiting for next month.


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