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Ok, so this is not the most businessesy post I’ve ever written (nor grammatically correct), but I was recently asked to contribute my Top 10 User Tips for using Microsofts Yammer within an organisation.

When companies rollout Yammer the big thing is to get users comfortable with the platform so they can then take action and contribute. The below was built from my observations of the questions and concerns people raise as they come onto the platform for the first time.

New to Yammer? Here are the top 10 tips to get you moving!!!

1. Configure your email notifications: When you first log on, Yammer is configured to send a variety of email reminders which can put users off. To change the frequency of these emails go to the 3 dots at the top right, select “Edit Profile”, then “Notifications” and select your preferences.

2. Know how to delete posts before you need to: At some point you’ll post something you wish you hadn’t… your head will spin, your heart will race and you won’t know which way is up… In Yammer, from under the offending post click “more” then “delete”… and then breathe…

3. Contribute to others: people new to social media over-focus on broadcasting their opinion. Social media is about 2-way communications so users who contribute more to the posts of others often find that their posts attract a higher response rate as people feel the need to reciprocate… if you find yourself wondering why no one is responding to your posts ask yourself the question “How am I supporting others?”

4. Fill in your profile: Profiles with photos are more trusted, and engaged, than those without. Filling in your profile is a critical cornerstone in allowing people to get to know you.

5. Ask for help: Posting to a social media community can evoke the same fear as public speaking so asking for help communicates sincerity and an ability to be vulnerable. People who pretend to have life all sorted are just as tiresome online as they are off.

6. Close the loop: Saying thank you or providing an update on a previous request are critical components of online etiquette. If you have asked for assistance, make sure to provide feedback and recognition of the value that others have given to you.

7. Respond constructively: Innovation is often born from the frustration of “what is” Vs “what should be”. When someone posts something that clearly demonstrates their frustration, address the issue, not the frustration – they will thank you for it later.

8. Conduct Experiments: New technologies mean new ways of working. Challenge yourself and your team mates to experiment, and try something different to find those new ways of working that build understanding and potentially save time eg a couple of teams have banned emails to see what happens.

9. Work out loud: Giving people an unprompted update of what you’re up to seems weird at first, but it, more than anything, fuels the synchronicity that unleashes Yammers potential. To build the new habit set aside 5 mins twice a week and post an update of what you’re doing and where you’re up to.

10. Have fun: In order to tap into the knowledge and ideas of the people around you, you need to get to know them. Having discussions on areas of personal interest is great way to build the connectivity that later gets used for business purposes (even in the digital world personal networks are important). If you have an interest that you think might be shared, try creating a group and inviting others to join; this keeps the discussion keeps out of the “All Company” feed and gives people the opportunity to opt-in.

Whats your top tip?

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